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Practice Areas

Zealous Legal Advocacy: Navigating Your Path to Justice and Healing

At our law practice, we focus on a comprehensive range of personal injury cases, offering formidable legal representation and compassionate support to clients who have suffered due to the negligence of others. Our practice areas are tailored to meet the unique needs of each client, ensuring that justice and fair compensation are always at the forefront of our efforts.


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With over 22 years of experience, Shawna skillfully represents victims of auto, motorcycle, truck, and various other accidents in California, ensuring comprehensive legal support for a wide array of personal injury cases.

Wrongful Death

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When a loved one dies due to negligence or wrongful acts, families face immense sorrow. Often, there's no criminal liability, but survivors can seek monetary compensation for their profound loss, offering some solace in their time of grief.

Personal Injury

Personal Injury is the physical and emotional harm caused to an individual, typically as a result of negligence or intentional actions by another party. This legal term encompasses a wide range of injuries, including but not limited to accidents, medical…

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At our firm, we prioritize delivering exceptional legal services that go beyond conventional expectations. Our understanding of value transcends the typical hourly rate comparisons, focusing instead on what truly matters to our clients.

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At our firm, Shawna works closely with each of her clients, dedicating herself to understanding every aspect of their cases. Her approach is hands-on and client-focused, ensuring that she is deeply involved in the pursuit of the most favorable results. By thoroughly studying and analyzing each case, Shawna develops tailored strategies that align closely with her clients’ needs and objectives. This personalized attention to detail not only fosters a strong attorney-client relationship but also significantly enhances the potential for achieving successful outcomes.

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