Tirelessly Advocating for Justice and Healing in Personal Injury Law Since 2001

Shawna is a committed attorney specializing in personal injury law since 2001. Known for her empathetic approach and excellent listening skills, she expertly handles cases involving auto, bus, motorcycle, and bicycle accidents, as well as slip and fall incidents and environmental exposures. Dedicated to her clients’ wellbeing, Shawna works tirelessly to ensure they receive the justice and compensation they deserve, allowing them to focus on healing. Her extensive experience and client-focused approach make her a trusted advocate in personal injury cases.


Shawna has established herself as a dedicated attorney, known for her unwavering commitment to excellence in the field of personal injury law. Since beginning her legal career in 2001, she has consistently demonstrated an empathetic approach, always prioritizing the needs and concerns of her clients. Shawna’s ability to listen attentively and understand the unique circumstances of each case has been a cornerstone of her practice, enabling her to tailor her strategies effectively to seek the best possible outcomes for those she represents.

Her experience primarily lies in handling cases related to personal injuries sustained from a variety of accidents. Shawna has a wealth of experience in dealing with the complexities and nuances of incidents ranging from auto and bus accidents to motorcycle and bicycle mishaps. She also has significant experience in cases involving slip and fall incidents, environmental exposure, and various other situations that lead to bodily harm and property damage. Her comprehensive knowledge in these areas allows her to adeptly navigate the legal challenges these cases present.

Over the years, Shawna has built a reputation for working diligently and tirelessly on behalf of her clients. Her goal has always been to fight for their rights, ensuring they receive the justice and compensation they deserve. This approach allows her clients to focus on their most crucial task: healing from their injuries. Shawna’s dedication goes beyond the courtroom; she is deeply invested in the wellbeing of her clients, offering support and guidance throughout the entire legal process.

Shawna’s commitment to her clients and her proficiency in personal injury law make her a formidable advocate. She continues to be a beacon of hope and strength for those affected by personal injuries, tirelessly working to ensure that each client’s voice is heard and their rights are protected in the pursuit of justice.

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