Personal Injury

Personal Injury

Dog bite

Nazari Law is skilled in assisting those dealing with dog bites in California. With 4.5 million annual incidents, victims can pursue legal action against negligent owners under California’s “strict liability” rules. Owners are entirely responsible for bites, regardless of prior incidents, emphasizing the need to understand state laws for settlements.  Victims of dog bites suffer injuries like scarring, nerve damage, and psychological distress. With a deep understanding of relevant laws and a passion for advocating on behalf of clients, the attorney strives to provide comprehensive legal support. Our focus extends beyond legal skills and experience, this attorney is poised to offer compassionate guidance and relentless advocacy to those seeking compensation and resolution in the aftermath of a dog bite. 

Elder Abuse and Nursing Home Abuse

My legal practice aides victims of abuse and neglect in nursing homes and assisted living facilities. If your loved one is experiencing bed sores, broken bones, dehydration, starvation, bruising, or any concerning symptoms, contact our office. Our office handles elder abuse and neglect cases statewide, bringing significant experience to negotiations and achieving effective results.

We advocate for professionalism beyond the minimum standards from nursing homes and their staff, as mandated by California law. Unfortunately, some facilities operate with insufficient resources, leading to abuse and neglect. Nazari Law ensures a voice for victims who may otherwise remain silent, committed to obtaining compensation for injuries caused by negligence, recklessness, or malicious behavior.

We cover various types of elder abuse, from malnutrition and dehydration to falls, bed sores, and the improper use of restraints. Our office helps victims and their families pursue claims based on injuries or fatalities resulting from these abuses. Elder abuse can be physical, sexual, emotional, or involve financial exploitation.

Under California law, nursing home neglect or abuse actions can be taken against caregivers, administrators, managers, and facility owners or operators. Successful claims may lead to compensation for physical and emotional suffering, medical costs, and, in some cases, punitive damages. Nazari Law is dedicated to fighting for justice and offers free consultations.

Childhood and Adult Sexual Assault 

In my legal practice, I’ve dedicated myself to supporting survivors of sexual assault, advocating for justice, and ensuring that both children and adults find redress for this heinous crime. My role involves navigating the complexities of civil litigation, pursuing compensation for my clients, and fostering a path toward healing after such traumatic experiences.
Sexual assault cases demand a meticulous approach, especially when seeking justice and compensation for my clients. One significant aspect is addressing the financial burdens imposed on survivors. My efforts extend beyond recovering medical bills, acknowledging the often substantial costs associated with physical and mental health care.
I’m committed to acknowledging the intangible toll of such experiences. Pain and suffering, both physical and emotional, are immeasurable aspects of a survivor’s journey. My legal strategy incorporates a comprehensive understanding of the profound impact these experiences can have on a person’s well-being. Seeking compensation for pain and suffering becomes a crucial element of the litigation process, recognizing the importance of addressing these deep-seated wounds.
In addition to tangible losses, survivors may also be entitled to punitive damages. This facet of civil litigation serves as a deterrent, holding perpetrators accountable for their actions and sending a powerful message about society’s stance on such egregious behavior. Pursuing punitive damages is a proactive step towards preventing future occurrences and instigating societal change.
Navigating the legal terrain of sexual assault civil litigation involves more than just advocating for financial compensation. It is about empowering survivors to reclaim control over their lives and fostering a healing journey. My role extends beyond the courtroom; it’s a commitment to supporting individuals as they navigate the path from victimhood to survivorship.
Every case is unique, and the approach must be tailored to the individual needs of the survivor. For children, the legal process involves additional sensitivity and a focus on protecting their well-being throughout the proceedings. Empathy and understanding are paramount as we work towards ensuring that these young survivors receive the justice they deserve.
For adult survivors, the journey often involves confronting societal stigmas and overcoming the barriers that can deter them from seeking legal recourse. I strive to create a safe and supportive environment, allowing survivors to share their stories and participate actively in the legal process. Empowerment is a central tenet of my approach, as survivors regain agency over their lives through the pursuit of justice.
Ultimately, my work transcends the courtroom. It’s about recognizing the resilience of survivors, validating their experiences, and contributing to the broader conversation surrounding sexual assault awareness. Through legal advocacy, we not only seek compensation but also pave the way for a more empathetic and just society.

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